lundi 15 juin 2009

unique has a browser

The last few releases were mostly about the new browser. The idea is to be able to spot right away where are the file with the most obvious duplication. Once you know where are the problem files, you can launch a pattern search in the right direction.

If some files displayed in the browser are not actually problematic (3rd party, build artifact, ...) you can right-click to hide it. The color of the labels will be renormalized automatically.

The browser also displays metric when the root node of the tree is selected. You can think of it as an anti-SLOC metric. People keep using SLOC as a productivity metric, keeping track of how much bloat is in those Source Line Of Code should give a better idea of the work done and the refactorings ahead.

You can always get the latest version on sourceforge : There is also the freshmeat page that's always up-to-date :

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