jeudi 12 mars 2009

The design of VLAM Compyle - the slides

Tonight I gave the presentation "The design of VLAM Compyle : A tower of languages from python to C++ using scheme" before MSLUG. A special thanks to Guillaume for inviting me.

For those who didn't show up (you should have, MSLUG is a fun group - plus, we were happy to have pythonistas join us from Montreal Python) all is not lost! You can get the slides. Also, I'll be happy to answer questions you might have.

Bonne nuit.

jeudi 5 mars 2009

How Compyle works

I will give a presentation before the Montreal Lisp/Scheme User Group about the design of VLAM Compyle.

Title : The Design of VLAM Compyle : a tower of languages from Python to C++ using Scheme
When: Thursday March 12th 7pm
Where: Room 3195, André-Aisenstadt Building, Université de Montréal, 2920 chemin de la Tour
Alternative title : VLAM Compyle ; a strange, erotic journey from Python to C++.

Come to meet hackers, stay for the beer. Venez en grand nombre.